Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vote For No Stadium

Dear Kelly,

My understanding is that there is a proposal to build a new A's Stadium in Fremont. And, there are two sites in consideration: 1) Automall area around Pacific Commons, 2) Somewhere between Fremont & Warm Springs.

I have been a resident of Fremont since 1985. There has been a great housing boom. However, I had mentioned my discontent about too many houses and not enough schools. The movement of school boundary lines caused many council meetings to almost come to physical confrontations. In other words, progress that encourages monetary flow into the city can be a good thing - if the guidelines are done properly. In the above case, legislation is not in place to ensure proper school capacity for growth. I believe that the proposal to place a Stadium in Fremont is another (BAD) idea.

I would like to present my (NO) vote for either proposal. This (NO) vote is emphasized for proposal #2), where the proximity to residential neighborhoods would provide a negative impact to the community. My concerns are:
  • Traffic congestion is already a problem. Adding daily baseball games would certainly make life a nightmare - causing gridlock and impacting the air quality.
  • Increase in undesirable elements into the neighborhoods will certainly increase crime rates. This is a (BIG) problem, since Fremont police are not even responding to alarm calls now!!!
Please consider my words - Vote (NO), and do not support such a project that could negatively impact the serenity of the Fremont neighborhoods.


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