Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strong support for stadium?

[These are the quotes from various sources]

Many people think there are strong support for the A's stadium in Fremont. Wrong! The big supporters are the A's, Cisco, some city officials and business interest groups. Most residents don't want the stadium in Fremont. Now even the retailers don't want them either. We need to let the media know the true voice from the citizens of Fremont.

Many family, friends, colleagues and local business don't support a stadium in our city. But don't have a platform to voice out. Now it's the perfect timing to let the Fremont citizens know we can still make difference.

Many people also mention Mayor Bob Wasserman won the November election because he supports the A's stadium in Fremont. Wrong! He only got 41.86% of vote, while the combined vote of Steve Cho and Gus Morrison (both against the plan) is much higher (33.05%+20.84%=53.89%).

We even hear people say: "we will do whatever it takes to bring the A's to Fremont". How can any people come up with such conclusion without thorough study of the huge impact to Fremont. Whoever city official said this should be removed from office immediately.

If you still supports a new Fremont stadium after seeing there are so many flaws in the current plan, please let us know why. Will the revenue justify the cost? BTW, we don't even sure whether it will bring or drain revenue. We welcome public debates. Have you seen any debate in the past two years for this stadium plan decision?

A: The A’s in Fremont will the best thing ever to happen to this town!
B: Have you study their plan? May be you should live next to the ballpark!


  1. Lots of my friends don't even know the A's is moving to Fremont. Sigh!-( Why don't they just stay in Oakland? Looks like we need some Q&A sections.

  2. It's time for Fremont to grow up and act like a big city. The idea of bringing the A's to Fremont is an excellent one. The benefits to the city are well documented and demonstrated repeatedly at locations where similar parks have been built. However the alternate Warms Spring site is a very poor choice as already been repeatedly voiced. There is no doubt that the A's will take every step possible to allay the fears of the local homeowners. However the fact remains that the Warms Springs site selection engenders far too much emotional response to ever be successful.

    In looking at the "protest" lodged by the management of Pacific Commons, their concerns simply seem to be that they don't want to deal with the Ballpark. They cite traffic, parking in front of businesses and other issues that don't really seem to apply in a large development application. It sounds like Pacific Commons wants to extract concessions from the A's, something very common in development and endorsed however quietly by all city governments. These are business issues, not emotional ones. They can be worked through. There can be agreements made, signatures put to paper and conclusions to be drawn.

    I urge the owners of Pacific Commons to come to the table with the A's and work something out. The park and the A's should be in Fremont. Please take the "business" path rather than the "emotional' one and get this deal done.

  3. Thank you Carol for your excellent comments. Can you elaborate more on this: "The benefits to the city are well documented and demonstrated repeatedly at locations where similar parks have been built"? The quote seems to contradict to our study. However we did find tons of examples where the city has been burdened/damaged by a ballpark, let along Fremont is not even a "big city" (we don't even have a city hall, and only a part-time mayor/council).

    Can we see where the "well documented" document? (sorry, rosy press release doesn't count) Can you tell us what's the benefit of a new stadium in Fremont? to whose benefit? at what cost? BTW, have you study their plan?

    We really appreciate your comment.

    -For a Better Fremont (actually my house value $$$)