Friday, December 12, 2008

Stay On The Course

Thanks for all the comments in the past few days. Also apologize for jumping too far to suggest the "San Jose A's" idea last night (probably got too carried away by seeing what is happening in San Jose; that's probably at least 5 more steps away). After several feedbacks from the group, this blog will tune down the wording and stay on the two stated objectives (on the header).

We have a strong case and enough materials/letters to support objective (1). There is an organized effort from our Yahoo Group this weekend to distribute flyers in the local communities. Please sign up the group and join the effort. The city is feeling the strong opposition from Warm Springs and taking "the path of less resistance". Some negotiation is probably happening now in Pacific Common (see Wasserman hasn’t given up on ballpark village).

Since the Yahoo Group is dedicated to the above task now. If you have comments about this blog or objective (2) Encourage public awareness of the cost and benefit of having an A's stadium in Fremont, please send to or leave on the blog post. If Pacific Common oppose the proposal, we should side along with them. (Is there a similar group "No Stadium In Pacific Common"?) If they work out a deal, we need to make sure it is well planned and address all the issues. An ill-planned stadium in Pacific Common is as harmful as in Warm Springs. It still has the same damage with traffic, crime and financial consequence to the City of Fremont.

Most people only heard the rosy press releases and wait for the Pacific Common stadium to happen. I WAS one of them, until the past Tuesday's work session (Letter From an A's Fan, Let Your Voice Be Heard). If you have time to look at their current plan and walk through the issues, you should see there are many flaws in their current plan. We still don't have enough letters/documents to examine those issues. Will need to turn many quotes/evidences into letters/documents. Please help. We need at least 3 more writers to address on different aspects (traffic, crime, financial). You can also try to create a new blog to write more documents. I only have 3 days of blogging experience.

- For A Better Fremont


  1. Who are you? This anonymous site could be a scam. I only know about it because someone came up my drive uninvited and shoved a flyer under my car's windshield wiper.

    How dare you litter, trespass, & risk damaging my much loved old car.

    Your litter will be recycled. I will oppose the proposed A's stadium near Grimmer and Osgood, but I will do so through legitimate means and not risk my personal details to insecure web sites run by someone who hides their identity.
    -Angry Fremont Resident

  2. Please accept my appology. I'm very sorry. This is not scam. We are local residents in Warm Springs area. Thank you for reminding us to respect other people's privacy. Your comment will make our cause better.

  3. As you voice your opposition to Fremont political factions, you will encounter great pressure to identify yourselves as individuals. Curious that these kinds of individuals who want to know "WHO" you are are always associated with pro-A's and pro-Fremont Politician factions . . ..

    THose that focus on personal traits have motive other than to discuss pro's and con's of the issues at hand.

    Remain focussed on the issues.