Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fremont makes A's better?

[Many quotes from various sources]

A's does not care about our communities. Look at the current Oakland area. Moving to Fremont will not suddenly make them change? The A's chose Fremont only because they can not get across the Santa Clara County border which is Giants territory (now they can).

The A's think moving to Fremont will make them a better team. Wrong.

A's does not treat their player well. Look how many times they traded their good players to other team. They maybe famous for their "Money Ball" to develop good players. But they are certainly not good at keeping a good team. They can argue because the A's is a "small market" team. Will moving the team to Fremont will suddenly make them become the "LA Angels of Anaheim"? But if they don't change the way they run the team, they will always live in the shadows of the Giants.

They won't even name the team "Fremont A's".


  1. it wont make them a worse team either

  2. But moving to San Jose will make them a GREAT team.

  3. Just look at how they treat Oakland! Do you want Fremont to be the next Oakland?