Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crime And Safety

A’s Stadium – Impact of Crime on Fremont Families and Children

We all moved to Fremont because we felt that it is safe to raise our children in this neighborhood.

There is a plan to bring A’s stadium to Fremont and especially to our residential neighborhood. Our safety net is going to be destroyed.

The Facts about Crime (2007 Crime Statistics)

According to FBI’s 2007 report on Crime in various cities, Fremont had a total of less than 6000 crime incidents while Oakland had over 30,000 crimes. This crime report can be downloaded from the FBI web site at:

City Population Total Violent Crime Total Property Crime
Fremont 201,318 606 5,173
Oakland 396,541 7,605 23,664

Murder and


The whole idea of A's stadium in a small city like Fremont is a nightmare. Once this stadium is built, the entire Fremont is going to suffer and it will be irreversible.

In just 90 days (between 9/10/2008 - 12/8/2008), within a 1-mile radius of Oakland stadium, 404 crimes were committed.

Who is going to protect our families and our children against these crimes?
Impact of Crimes (due to the Stadium) on our schools

If 404 crimes were committed in just 90 days within 1- mile radius of the stadium, it is unimaginable as to what our children will have to endure and exposed to, because of this stadium. Here is a list of some major crimes that might happen in our neighborhood where our children play every day—all because of this A’s stadium in our neighborhood.

• Murders
• Kidnappings
• Drugs
• Rapes
• Robbery
• Arson

Don't tell me that the city will have more police officers controlling the traffic and keep the neighborhood safe! The city does not even have enough police officers to answer the burglar alarms that causing the city's crime rate rising every year!!

Who is going to compensate for our financial loss?
Impact of Crimes (due to the Stadium) on our home values

Just the possibility of crimes due to this stadium in the residential neighborhood could potentially drive down the value of our homes. Remember we paid a premium to buy these homes since we believed it is a safe city to raise our children. All future home buyers will consider the impact of the crimes in Fremont and go somewhere else.

Think about whether we can afford such a dramatic drop in the home pricing due to this stadium and the threat it is posing—all of this on top of the price-drop we are experiencing due to the current bad economy.

Who is going to clean all these crimes against properties?
Impact of this new wave of crime on our neighborhood cleanliness & properties

Just walk around the current A’s stadium in Oakland and see for yourself!

The neighborhood is littered with
• Graffiti on walls
• beer bottles
• plastic containers
• paper cups
• plates
• papers
• vandalism

Let us save our neighborhood

Look at Oakland...Ask yourselves these questions:

• Would you want your family to live in an neighborhood like Oakland?
• Would you want to send your children to a public school in Oakland?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, ACT NOW!

Let us hope we can save our community from deteriorating.

City like Fremont does not need a stadium anywhere in the city. Surely not in a residential neighborhood, so close to the school. Looking at cities that have the ballparks and the issues they face around it, why do we want to invite that to our community. This community will be totally shattered if we build the stadium over here.

As is, the city is incapable of ameliorating intangible collateral damage to the neighborhood from NOISE / TRASH / TRAFFIC / SECURITY -- is the city willing to sacrifice the safety and well being of all the people, all for money?

Let us strongly OPPOSE bringing the stadium to Fremont. The noise, traffic, crime, will ruin and destroy the sanctity of the great city we currently enjoy. The safety of the citizens of the city should be priority #1, and this proposal only serves to put innocent people in harms way. Why would anyone allow this to happen, given that there is a choice to be safe? STOP the A’s from relocating the stadium to Fremont.

Are we going to tolerate this A’s stadium to be built in our neighborhood?

Let us Just Say NO !

The A’s stadium is NOT WELCOMED in Fremont !

(compiled comments from thousands of local residents)


  1. I agree with this article. Why should Fremont bear crime? Its crime rate is already going up. With the stadium, Fremont will be as bad as Oakland!

  2. I met with couple of people at the fire service this Saturday.

    They informed me that both Police department and Fire Service department report to the city council and as such they are not authorized to comment on the A's project either way.

    Both departments will be making their formal recommendation as part of the study. At that time, the city council may accept or decline their recommendations.

    But at the end of the day, they will carry out whatever the city council decides and wants them to do.

  3. Police and fire departments belong to the city and city is their boss. Policemen and firemen may not think a big crowd is a problem, as it justifies their existence and worthiness. Look at the overtime pay they can get if there is chaos and they are needed.We cannot expect them to say anything for our cause even if they are allowed to speak.

    Currently, Fremont Police does NOT EVEN respond to burglar alarm (to save budget and not enough manpower), how can they protect Fremont Citizen against the additional crimes that come with A’s Stadium. (In order for Fremont Police to respond, someone needs to confirm there’s burglary in action for them to respond. Ex: Your neighbor or family calls in to ask police for help.)
    Just couple years ago, Fremont Police always responds to burglar alarm. The Exact Same Fremont Mayor that wants the A’s Stadium made the change so Fremont Police does NOT respond to burglar alarm.
    These days experienced police officers are in demand and hard to recruit, it’s very likely we would only be able to hire rookie officers IF City agree to increase police staff. We don’t need rookie officers that could confuse Taser with Gun and repeat the Bart shooting incident in Oakland.