Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A's Coming To Warm Springs!

A's is meeting with local business try to convince them now (see the meeting note below). Please spread the news to local stores when you visit. I heard there is even a local elementary school principle supports the Warm Springs site (need his clarification?)!

Hurry up, Mission San Jose, Irvington, Weibel, Warm Springs residents, your house value is already dropping like a rock now, in just a week. No one is willing to put a buying offer in our neighborhood because Warm Springs is being considered as one possible site for A's new stadium, based on a local real estate agent.

After joining the online petition, please write letters to speak out. We only have 1 days left until the public comment deadline! We need different letters:

(1) No Stadium In Warm Springs, very strong stance. Even recommend to drop it from Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
(2) Need more letters to provide evidence and hard facts why their plan won't work.
(3) Encourage the City Council to speak for the voice of local communities. Residents don't want it. Business don't want it. What's the benefit of a stadium? to whose benefit? and at what cost?

There are a few sample letters on the right. Please focus on their plan, not just "not in my backyard" attitude. Please share with us: noasws@gmail.com or Yahoo Group. We also encourage you to start a new blog/wiki/forum.

- For A Better Fremont (actually, my house value $$$;-)

Note: If you have times, please read Mercury News article 12/11/08 and Mercury News article 12/14/08 for more info. Currently, there are 3 possible sites: San Jose, Pacific Commons and Warm Springs. Don't let Warm Springs become their "path of least resistance". You might also enjoy An Inconvenient Truth. You can endorse the letters you like and email to city, and/or hand deliver to them, as mail is probably too late now.

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