Monday, December 15, 2008

House Value Dropping Fast!

Hurry up, Mission San Jose, Irvington, Weibel, Warm Springs residents,
your house value is already dropping like a rock now, in just a week. No one is willing to put a buying offer in our neighborhood because Warm Springs is being considered as one possible site for A's new stadium, based on a local real estate agent.

We need to make stronger voice: Don't even dare to mention Warm Springs as an alternate site! Remove Warm Springs from their plan. Don't even start to consider it. Any councilmember still allow this intriguing idea alive certainly did not put the local residents as best interest.

We only have 2 days left until the public comment deadline! There are a few sample letters on the right. Please focus on their plan, not just "not in my backyard" attitude. Please share with us: or Yahoo Group. Wow, we start to see more comments and new posts today. We also encourage you to start a new blog/wiki/forum.

- For A Better Fremont (actually, my house value $$$;-)

PS. If you have times, please read Mercury News article 12/11/08 and Mercury News article 12/14/08. You might also enjoy An Inconvenient Truth. Currently, there are 3 possible sites: San Jose, Pacific Commons and Warm Springs. We cannot let Warm Springs become their "path of least resistance".


  1. Fremont says it is economically challenged right now - P.D. have to cut off responses to residential burglar alarms. When city streets require traffic patrol and occassional fights break out after a game - who will respond ?

    City leadership cant plan Centerville. How will they plan a MLB baseball stadium ?


    I really want the A's to come to Fremont, but I don't want them in Warm Springs. The reason Warm Springs comes up is because Costco, Lowes, Kohl's, etc are opposing the project in Pacific Commons. I think Pacific Commons is a great place to have the ballpark - lots of land which means there opportunity to develop roads and transportation AND it's not in any residents' back yards.

    If they have concerns that their businesses will be affected by the park, wait to see what happens when they derail plans for the park.

  3. Dont worry about boycotting Costco, Lowes and Kohls - - - - if the ballpark goes in to Pac Commons, you wont be able to park anywhere near the stores cause the lots will be full of baseball fans parked there for free. . ..

  4. Warm Springs is definitely not the right site. Will the stadium in Pacific Common be better? The same concerns still exists. Have you study their plan? (their is a link on the right to link to city web site).

  5. The following are the points we have in the letter to the city:
    1. Due to lack of funding, Fremont Police does not respond to alarms anymore unless it is a confirmed intrusion. However, all residents with alarm systems are required to pay for an alarm permit. What plan does the city have if we are inviting more baseball visitors to the city and if we do happen to have more home invasions? Are we expected to have our own private security if we happen to live not too far away from the ballpark?
    2. Without the need to elaborate, the traffic as it is around Durham/Auto Mall Parkway, Mission/Warm Springs, and 880 and 680 are bad enough. A lot of times traffic cannot get into the city and therefore create major backup on the freeways. What is the plan to divert traffic during game days? We all need to put our lives on hold to accommodate these visitors?
    3. With increased traffic, and especially if there are any increase in drunk driving within the Fremont area codes, we can expect an increase in car insurance premiums. Are we expecting compensation from the A’s or the city?
    4. If the seasonal influx of visitors happens to introduce an increase in crime rate, our home insurance is going to increase. Are we supposed to be compensated by the A’s or the city?
    5. We shop in Warm Springs a lot. If traffic is bad back home, since we happen to work out of Fremont, we might be better off to shop in Milpitas or Santa Clara. Forget about promoting ‘Shop in Fremont’ if we can do our grocery in a less stressful neighborhood. Where will the much needed business tax dollar go?
    6. We have overcrowded schools that the city has failed to work with the school district. Where are all those impact fees from developments supposed to go? Simply to subsidize a ballpark for the entertainment of mostly non-Fremont residents?
    7. It has been years that the Centerville project has started but has yet taken shape to bring in businesses. Are we supposed to accept another failed proposal on our dollars?
    8. There will be major impact on the quality of live for all those Fremont residents and commuters. Please try not to be naïve enough to believe that traffic or other issues in south Fremont will not affect the rest of Fremont. It will!

    We request that the related Environmental Study be done based on traffic impact under the normal economic environment including the peak period, NOT based on the upcoming down turned economic data or during holiday seasons.

    Furthermore, we request any reasonable Council members to vote “NO” to reject this potential revenue drainer to benefit a private individual.

  6. It's weird that the City put in all that energy to get a ballpark when they can't put their acts together to build a city hall. How much have we been paying for renting?

    A ballpark at S. Grimmer & 680, what are Fry's and WalMart's reaction?