Thursday, December 11, 2008

Letter From an A's Fan

I'm an A's fan, how can I not support the A's stadium in Fremont?

I WAS one of the Oakland A's fan waiting to see the new A's stadium to happen in Pacific Common. I WAS imaging sitting joyfully on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to cheer for my beloved Oakland A's playing the New York Yankees in the newly constructed high-tech Cisco Field.

But many recent events and studies lead us to believe the above dream could become a nightmare. I am afraid my nice and peaceful Fremont neighborhood may turn into a place like east Oakland. The City of Fremont does not have the resource to address the traffic, crime and financial consequences. If you want me to decide between the dream and nightmare, I would rather stay with my current nice and peaceful neighborhood.

Will we miss a golden opportunity for the jobs, revenue and fame the Oakland A's will bring in for Fremont? After all the Fremont citizens understand the cost and benefit, if the risk is too high, we would rather reject the proposal instead of jumping into deep financial trouble and irreversible damage. This is the same philosophy when a company hiring a new employee. If there are concerns, they would prefer passing a good candidate rather than hiring the wrong person.

Apparently the Oakland A's choose Fremont because it is close to San Jose. Currently there is a perfect site available in San Jose with an existing EIR for a baseball stadium. It has much better infrastructure support from a larger city. It is always the A's dream to become the "San Jose A's". Recently Major League Baseball express the permission to allow the A's to relocate to San Jose if the Fremont stadium is not possible. We like the A's, but south Fremont is a bad location for a stadium. The A's and Cisco will certainly much prefer their new stadium to be called "The Cisco Field of the San Jose A's". This is would be a win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win solution for the A's, Cisco, Fremont residents, Pacific Common retailers, City of San Jose, MLB, BART, MTC and ABAG etc.

The above statement is also exemplified by many recent events. There are so many flaws in the current ballpark village plan, while the A's have no incentive to serious address those issues.

We strongly encourage all the A's fans and the City Council to stop the Oakland A's stadium proposal in Fremont as early as possible. This will save our city a lot of unnecessary time and resource cost. And most importantly, it will help the A's move to their dream location and become a much better team in San Jose.

- An A's fan

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  1. Thank you so much for speak up!

  2. Great!! We all support you.