Thursday, January 22, 2009

What we can do now

Citizens' groups have defeated many bad projects that would have ruined our quality of life. It takes work, dedication, time, (some money), and YOU ! GET INVOLVED!  It is political pressure that defeats projects like this.

Put a "NO STADIUM" sign in every front yard.

SUPPORT politicians who oppose the stadium
DO NOT support any politician who supports the stadium 


  1. Do we know which politicians are opposed to stadium? What efforts they are making to help residents fight against the stadium?


  2. Bob "The Weasle" Wasserman
    Susan "The Community Sellout" Chan,
    Bob "Whatever Wasserman Says" Wieckowski,
    are in full support of the stadium located 1/2 mile from Weibel Elementary School and 400 yards from homes in our community.

    To route up to 5000 cars off of Highway 680 The A's are planning to use Mission Blvd to Grimmer (pass the school) as one route, and Durham to Paseo Padre to Grimmer as the other. This would reduce the gridlock in front of Fry's, but send thousands of cars into and out of our community before and after each game. The A's looked at an offramp at Grimmer but Caltrans wont allow it.

  3. Don't forget Wasserman's "buddy" Bill Harrison. Harrison was Wasserman's campaign manager when he ran for city council and also his campaign manager for the Mayor's race in 2004 so you know he is another follower of Wassermans. He was also a Fremont Planning Commissioner. They all think alike!

  4. Can we initialize a recall of these weasles so that they don't sell out our neighborhood anymore? Can we start sending tons of letter and protest (which I have sent mine last night) to bombard them & that A's jerk?

    Can you contact other politicians and CA governor to make sure our voices are being heard? I think we need to take more drastic measures to ensure these hypocrites understand that they should serve PEOPLE, not driven by $.

  5. Good Ideas. How do we do this? Can someone help us identify the politicians who are opposed to the Stadium like us - the residents of Fremont.

  6. The State Attorney General Jerry Brown and former Mayor is not fan of Lew and Keith Wolff and the BS they brought to Oakland. I suspect he will support us if the City Council idiots approve the Warm Springs stadium and the community files suit against the A's and City of Fremont. Also Morrison and Bacon can weigh in. I respect these two guys alot.

  7. I see the following problems, and hope someone has solution regarding them:

    1. It seems the biggest problem right now is we don't have any friend or ally in city hall.

    2. Fremont is a really big city, and only Warm Spring and Missing get screw by A's. Resident in north, like Ardenwood properly don't care. We need their support on No Stadium in Fremont!

    3. So far, no enough media pays attention to our protest! We need major news reports report our fight!


  8. We have a done a couple of protests. Any idea what is the next step?

    In opinion, we should start signature campaign for

    1) Public vote of the proposal
    2) Recall Mayor

  9. To Anonymous' message on 2/11:
    The issue is not a 'Nimby issue'.It's a citywide issue. We, all citizens of fremont will bear the costs.
    We will all pay more taxes/assessments, because the city has to pay for the stadium's costs directly or indirectly. No stadium in America has been built without some form of public money, though A's said it will not cost Fremont any money. This is not true. There are infrastructure costs, additional police/ firemen needed, cleaning of city streets, ...etc
    We all will suffer from the consequences of the gridlocks on 880 and 680, no matter which part of Fremont we live in. When the traffic on freeways is sluggish, drivers of course know how to drive on city streets to by-pass the traffic. We will see at least 10,000 more cars on our streets and roads even after BART is in service. This is inconvenient to all residents, shoppers and commuters. Further, local economy will also suffer because the games goers are not likely to spend any more money in our local shops after spending so much money and time inside the stadium. Local retails cannot make the money from them, and local residents are not going out to shop when there is traffic jam.
    These are very real situations that are going to happen if Fremont residents don't get themselves educated on the issue.
    Please tell all your friends and relatives in Fremont about this reality.

  10. when will you warm springs wimps start being nice? the only thing that will get the attention of the media, mayor and council is PRESSURE!

  11. We need attorneys going after the city council members, mayor and planners.

    Information is all over the place that a stadium cannot be in the best interest of our city. Any staff reports that suggest otherwise are motivated by those who possess a personal financial or emotional gain (or both).

    Take them to court ! ! ! !

    This isn't a Lou Wolfe versus Fremont citizens issue. Ignore Lou - we need legal action against City Management and leaders.