Thursday, December 11, 2008

Only impact south Fremont?

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We start the group from the Warm Springs community because we have immediate impact. Now after extensive studies, it becomes clear this will also impact the whole city of Fremont, whether the stadium is in Pacific Common or Warm Springs. We will need to find ways to reach out to all the Fremont communities.

Decrease in property values will surely and swiftly spread to other parts of Fremont, when all the streets and freeways are choked by the additional 9000 cars and crowd; polce/fire department understaffed because they are dragged to deal with additional visitors; city gets bankrupt and services are adversely affected. And, no one can guarantee that the city will profit from putting the stadium here. Not a single Fremont resident can be spared, whether you live in the south or not.

Regardless of where the Stadium is located in Fremont, the impact of the stadium is same for the entire city. So your life is going to change no matter where you live in Fremont. Don't think that I live miles away from these sites and so I am safe. No, you will face the same problems as anyone else regardless of the proximity to the stadium: Increase in violent crimes, sale of alcohol close to schools, outside folks littering after games, and not to mention 9000 cars coming in for every game which makes the already clogged roads impossible to use. People will use inside roads to beat the highways and therefore every major peaceful road like Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont Blvd, Decoto, Dixon Landing, Stevenson Blvd will get unbearable.

The traffic impact on both 880 and 680 will definitely affect most people, unless you don't need to drive on either freeway or local road is south Fremont.

The crime and security concern will have immediate impact to the south Fremont neighborhoods. It certainly will affect the city's resource.

When the future Fremont is in deep financial trouble, everybody loses.

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  1. I live in central Fremont but work in Milpitas. I don't like the increased traffic that will be caused by events goers. I object to the stadium in Fremont.