Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Traffic Concerns

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The south Fremont sections of the current I-680 and I-880 are already two of the biggest bottlenecks in the Bay Area, even with the recently completed car-pool lanes. The two freeways are always bumper to bumper during rush hours. Their plan fails to address how to accommodate the extra 10,000+ cars jamming into the already congested freeways during game days. It will have adversary impact to the daily commuters in Fremont and neighbor cities (Union City, Hayward, Pleasanton, Milpitas).

I personally oppose the idea of building a stadium in Fremont at any location. The entire city is already a traffic mess because of all the people who commute between their homes in the East Bay/Central Valley and their jobs in Silicon Valley. Putting a stadium in the middle of all that existing traffic will just make it worse. For decades I've commuted between my home in Fremont and the jobs in Silicon Valley. At least now that the 880/Mission mess has been fixed, I can do that commute in a reasonable time. Put a stadium anywhere near there and it will be back to the old days of 10 mile/hour crawls along 880.

The local road will turn into gridlock.

devastation of surrounding neighborhood affected by such volumes of increased traffic

your commute may be extended by hours because of this traffic!

I happened to ride BART a few times on game day. You can not imagine how crowded the BART is and it is even hard to find a place to stand. Not to mention the traffic nightmare on I-880 on game days too. I do not want the same thing happening in Fremont. I strongly OPPOSE A's relocation to Fremont. No body wants to see Fremont becomes the second Oakland.

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