Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Bad Stadium Plan

an article from Mercury News Sunday 12/14/08

We need to make stronger voice: Don't even dare to mention Warm Springs as an alternate site! Remove Warm Springs from their plan. Don't even start to consider it. Any councilmember even thinking about such crazy idea won't get any single vote from this area.

We still don't have enough letters/write-ups. We need to send more letters to the city. We only have 2 days left until the public comment deadline! Please turn many quotes and evidences into letters (example). Send letters to the city, and share with us: or Yahoo Group. We also encourage you to start a new blog/wiki/forum.

I'm also afraid they might use Warm Springs to divert the public attention from seeing the current plan 's flaws. The current plan will bring Fremont into disaster.

If you oppose the Warm Springs stadium, most concerns will still hold true even if the location is in Pacific Commons. Most importantly, the whole city will be impacted, not just limited to south Fremont. We need to make sure the A's plan addresses those issues properly.

- For A Better Fremont (actually, my house value $$$;-)

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and an article from Mercury News Sunday 12/14/08

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  1. A's want to leave their current home. Their current home is a mess. How good of a resident of Oakland are the A's ? A's will tell you that its because Oakland doesnt maintain the area . .. Fremont is broke - how will we "maintain" the area around the ballpark ?

    Does Fremont want this resident moving in to our community ?