Wednesday, December 10, 2008

General Concerns

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Neither Warm Springs nor Pacific Commons is a good site for A's new stadium. The traffic congestion issue is the same, and can't be resolved UNLESS A's build A NEW HIGHWAY. The crime rate issue is the same! Oakland's crime rate will become Fremont's worse nightmare! The financial burden is still the same, no matter which site they pick. None of the Fremont residents are able to pay more property tax to pay off those public constructions and security facilitation.

The proposed ballpark, described by A's owner Keith Wolff as a "downtown" stadium, should be built downtown as the centerpiece of a carefully-planned urban development. The A's baseball stadium would be tragically misplaced--not to mention a terrible economic and psychological match--at the proposed location in the midst of a middle- and upper-middle residential neighborhood.

For the Fremont city council: PLEASE consider the well-beings of the Fremont residents, especially our children. We DO NOT need the A's in Fremont despite the money that it might bring!!

When was the last time anyone went to Oakland to have dinner around the ball stadium? What is wrong with the stadium being in Oakland itself and we can drive there if needed? Regarding jobs, so we want to take jobs away from Oakland and move them to Fremont? Has ANYONE IN THE FREMONT COUNCIL EVER SAT IN 5PM TRAFFIC ON 880 COMING FROM SAN JOSE??

Among other problems,this will bring low-wage jobs to Fremont, something that will not benefit our city. I want to see a plan for development that makes sense for us. The A's stadium project is not designed to help the people of Fremont and the people need a voice in this decision.

Apparently the A's is just using Fremont to "get close to San Jose". Currently there is a perfect site available in San Jose. It's an existing stadium with much better infrastructure support from a larger city. It is always the A's dream to become the "San Jose A's". So they never seriously address the issues the local residents raise.

Please do NOT even think about proceeding any case study or environmental evaluation, which will bring us the greatest harm! NO A-stadium in Fremont!

Therefore, as a taxpayer and a resident in Fremont, I demand the city to address various issues associated with the ballpark, such as traffic flow, crime control, and property value retention, etc, before even considering this ill-conceived plan.

Fremont is one of the better cities in California. Do not ruin it by bringing the A's here.

Environmental impact: a letter from The California Native Plant Society (CNPS)

Pundits have warned that it's not yet a done deal. There are transportation issues to be resolved — the Nimitz is a nightmare, Fremont city streets are choked at rush hour, and the stadium will be about two miles from the still-unbuilt Warm Springs BART station. There's also the question of who will pay for infrastructure — new roads, electrical lines, and sewer pipes. Wasserman said the A's would have to foot the bill just like any other developer, but he expects the team will request a tax break on its mega-project.

Oakland finds itself staring at a bleak sports future and years of debt. The bonds sold to build Mount Davis won't be paid off until 2025. But when the Raiders' lease expires in 2011, they'll likely attempt to leave town. Al Davis has been unhappy at the Coliseum since 1995, too, and it's a given that he will scour the nation for a city that will build him a new stadium. When the Raiders leave, Oakland, a town that identified itself for decades through its professional sports franchises, will be left with an empty 60,000-seat stadium, a mountain of unpaid bills, and one final pro sports team that won't even take its name.

We do recognize that the concept of having the A’s in Fremont is enticing to City staff and perhaps even elected officials. We understand that you may see this as an opportunity to put Fremont “on the map”, put a feather in your cap as having played a part in such a project, and even believe (or, at least will assert) that the project will be of financial benefit to the City. We see plainly that there is a great deal of political will to bring the A’s to Fremont. Some of us accept that while others don’t. However, a great many of us will absolutely fight to prevent the approval of a Warm Springs location for the project.

we came to live to this area of fremont b/c of its good school, easy back road access, and beautiful, undisturbed community. If the A's move, this community will not benefit, and its property values will drastically reduce. No A's here.

Wasn't the Pacific Common's site the ideal location to build the baseball stadium for all parties (city, A's) earlier this year? If the A's owners changed their mind about the Pacific Common's site due to current economy crisis, maybe they should consider to move the team to a different city othern than Fremont. Why would you consider an alternative site (warm spring site) to build a baseball stadium where the locals don't welcome it? I wonder if our mayor and city council members represent our interest (the people of Fremont) or the Oakland A's? I believe it's a risky investment for the city of Fremont to have a MLB team and it'll have long lasting negative impact to the people of Fremont.

Why do they really need a new Stadium? What about repairing the old one and keep it in the town that has been able to handle the crowed and traffic impact.

Fremont is one of the better cities in California. Do not ruin it by bringing the A's here.

The last thing we need in Fremont is more traffic and a baseball club that really doesn't want to be here and will move at the first opportunity.

A's in Fremont will cause severe traffic and safety problems for Fremont. It can generate some low-paying service jobs, but it will scare away more companies with high-paying Hi-tech jobs.

As a resident of the Fremont, I strongly feel that this is an irresponsible proposal not in the benefit of Fremont residents in short term or in the long run. The proposal seems to serve only special interests group.

Please save the little available land left in Fremont for commercial development that will offer high paying jobs.

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