Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ideas & Strategy

Please share the ideas on how to make our cause more effective. Thanks;-)

Wow!, You guys are very thoughtful. So many great ideas for the good cause;-) Keep coming!


  1. lawyer representation is good idea. yet, with 1000 ppl or families protest in front of the city hall is also a good idea.

  2. We can form protest group for all future meetings, "No Stadium in Fremont!" More media attention is needed.

  3. We should work with WalMart, Fry's, HomeDepot, Safeway, and many retailer, at least get their permission to dispatch flyers in front of their store.

  4. My ideas on strategy:
    1) Get into a formal group/ association to coordinate our efforts for effectiveness. Many would not mind working to help in one way or another and we have so many intelligent people in the group, but we need someone to lead.
    2) We can involve the mass media as a group. Indiviuals approaching the mass media are not representative enough. Better do this earlier than later as A's launching their lobbying already.Using the big no. of petitions to draw media attention is the best way
    3) Individuals may still work with their friends/ neigbors.
    4) Liasise with shops/businesses, as a group also.
    5) Protest demonstrations outside city hall/at other places can d=be done later.
    6) Many people outside our area
    don't know about this new proposal, need to work with them.Go back to mass media attention which can deliver them the message in the most effective way. Need to let them know this not only concerns the area, but is also bad for Fremont as a whole when so much resources is devoted to maintaining the infrastructure arising from the stadium's existence in Fremont. Traffic problems will affect them when cars back up to their streets.
    7) Beware that the other parties--A's , City, Pacific Commons people will use one group of Fremont citizens to play against the other groups, to weaken our power.This is a common strategy used by politicians.
    8) Get a lawyer involved. Many would not mind chipping in money but not all will do the same and it is understandable. Chipping in to defend our future is a worthy cause.
    9) Don't make the Pacific Commons businesses think that we are their enemies. We did not initiate the ballpark and put it to their neighborhood. We are both victims.We also would like their businesses flourish, we shop there too. Boycotting their businesses will make things worse.
    10) Start collecting data for our arguments.
    11) Last and not the least is that any people can join our blog and see all what we write and say,including A's, City,...etc. keep the deepest 'secret' away from the blog and verbally share with your friends/ neighbors or any other channels that are safe enough.
    Please think over my humble views. Thanks.