Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A’s cancel meeting but protestors turn out in force

The protest at Warm Springs Elementary continued despite the cancellation of several scheduled meetings at different elementary schools, hosted by the A’s for 25 pre-chosen residents. The cancellation comes on the heels of the last such meeting (2/5) being protested by nearly 1,000 residents.

There were ~500 people show up for tonight's protest along Warm Springs Blvd. While most people are from Warm Springs neighborhoods, there are many from other parts of Fremont. Opposition of the stadium is organized and growing, especially in light of the recession.

Fremont Residents Protest A's Stadium Plan (ktvu.com with transcript)

Note: NBC came earlier and only got 100+ people. The A's cancel the meeting with 25 residents at Warm Springs Elementary School.

At the same time, a few folks spoke at city council:

Lisa Quan's appointment is delayed until next week.

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