Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remove Warm Springs as alternative in EIR

The residents in Warm Springs, Mission San Jose and Irvington areas have every right to demand the city to remove Warm Springs as off-site alternative in the draft EIR. The decision process is not transparent to the public. And it has caused financial damage to the local residents. The A's is even not willing to hold any public meetings to address the residents' concerns.

"If A's is allowed to build a stadium at Warm-Spring site because A's can not reach a deal with Pacific Common shopping center owners over plans to handle game-day parking and traffic issues, it would be a 'Discriminatory Act' by the Fremont City if the City allows A's to build its stadium at the Warm Spring site because this site would have even closer proximity to many residential communities than the demand by the Pacific Shopping center owners to keep the site further away from the Pacific Common Shopping center."


  1. Take a look at this picture: officially, the city and Mayor Wasserman have always been in denial that Warmsprings was even being considered for the stadium site; on the other hand, the A’s has been going home to home in this very neighborhood drawing picture perfect stadium in the minds of the residents, promising ‘residents protection’, promising hundreds of millions of dollars revenue for the city, and of course, not willing to guarantee anything, let alone to put their words down in writing. They (the city and A’s developer) teamed up to trying to fool the local residents, that’s what the whole thing is about. We weren’t given any notice by the government that the site was chosen as an alternative site, and, this will change our lives FOREVER. If A’s stadium comes here, we are moving out. We, on average, receive $300 credit back from Costco purchases (some years $250, some year $380) every year, we also spend a lot on other things in the local area. I believe many will do the same. It’s just disgusting to me how the city and A’s approached and coerced this matter on the local residents.

  2. I wonder why the city didn't notify your residents before making your community a site for the stadium? Because of your low social standing? It's can't be, I checked Wikipedia online and your community apparently is Forbes magazine's list of the 500 most affluent communities in the United States. How many of Fremont's community made it to the list? The city must be out of its mind to do such a damage to its structure. I'm glad we didn't buy our home there.

  3. They have already done damage to our house values. Renters can move out, but home owners are already suffered now!

    BTW, they are putting traffic meters NOW in Osgood, Grimmer, Auto Mall and Mission Blvd to collect traffic data. We demand an explanation.

  4. Decrease in property values will surely and swiftly spread to other parts of Fremont, when all the streets and freeways are choked by the additional 9000 cars and crowd; polce/fire department understaffed because they are dragged to deal with additional visitors; city gets bankrupt and services are adversely affected. And, no one can guarantee that the city will profit from putting the stadium here. Not a single Fremont resident can be spared, whether you live in the south or not.

  5. Have the A's been a good neighbor in Oakland ? Look at their "home" and the surrounding area now. This may be Warm Springs in 5-10 years.

    Why not fix up the house you live in now ? Why is it so important to run from the mess you've created ?