Saturday, February 21, 2009

A's plans for Fremont appear headed for doom

There have been many news recently. It's very critical now to have a PEACEFUL STRONG RALLY on TUESDAY 2/24 6:30pm at CITY HALL. This is the best chance to stop this ill-planned stadium proposal.

Although the Oakland A's ask the city to cancel the NOP for Warm Springs and "stop" the EIR process for Pacific Commons, the pro-stadium camps have not given up yet. The Chamber of Commerce and "A's to Fremont" group are moblizing their supporters now. The Mayor plans to have another talk with the A's next week to save the project. The A's can still resume the process at any time

[Mercury News] A's plans for Fremont stadium appear headed for doom
[San Francisco Chronicle] A's halt plans for ballpark village in Fremont

[Marine Layer blog] Now it's official
[Marine Layer blog] Fremont EIR work halted

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